Penglai Honri Machinery Co., Ltd., is a professional model metal forging/forged parts supplier for truck and is the one of the most modern forging/forged company in Shandong Province.

We are member of Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry with HS No.732619. Penglai Honri Machinery Co., Ltd. lies in Penglai Economic Development Zone, a motor accessory base.

Penglai Honri Machinery Co., Ltd is stratagem cooperation union of the most famous motor factory in China, such as Changchun FAW-VW Automobile Co., Ltd., and FAW Shandong Special Automobile Works, etc. We also supply forging parts for Saf Alko Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd on vehicle to export to German, America and Brazil.

Penglai Honri Machinery Co., Ltd. was found in 1982 with the used name of Penglai Tuanjie Especial Sliding Bearing Factory. Now there are forging/forged and machining outfits in the company, such as Friction Screw Presses of 1000T and 630T,Oil Press Equipment, and auxiliary equipment, such as Heat treatment Electric Cooker, Infrared Thermoscope, Rigidity Test Facility etc.
Penglai Honri Machinery Co., Ltd. has acquired the ISO90001;2000 Certificate and has a strict quality control system. The company's Plant for Forging Parts can produce 10kg to 40kg model metal products.Through its continuous expansion, Penglai Honri Machinery has become a company with a yearly production capacity of over 8000T forging/forged parts and 10000 sliding bearings, with additional capacity for export flanges.

We are very glad to supply various forging parts and sliding bearings for you. 

Forging Products:
Camion vehicle axle
Axle nut
Nut cap
Axle Differential System
Flange for oil chemical plant

Sliding Bearings for:
Good-sized Water Pump
Steam Turbines
Turbine Compressor

Penglai Honri Machinery Co., Ltd.